Kibble for a Cause!

Dog Connection will provide a large bag of Premium Dog Food for your organization or business to Raffle and raise money for a Pet related Non-profit.

We will be raffling off one free invisible dog fence compliments of Extreme Electric Dog Fence company. All participants must be registered to win the fence, and need to complete the forms: Complete retail value up to $499.95

Guidelines for Participation

Participant Responsibilities

1)      Designate pet related non-profit.

2)      Designate visible area to display jar,signage and bag of dog food.

3)      Determine 30 day time frame for participation.

4)      Educate staff about promotion and Dog Connection.

5)      Keep safe all monies and tickets associated with Raffle.

6)      Hand out Dog Connection coupons during Raffle period.

7)      At conclusion of Raffle determine winner.  Give Dog Connection winner contact information  to arrange delivery of dog food.

8)      Total the proceeds and notify Dog Connection and non-profit recipient.

9)      Arrange for payment of funds to be made to Non-profit.

Dog Connection Responsibilities

1)      Provide Large Bag of Dog Food.

2)      Raffle materials: Jar, tickets, coupons, pens, signage.

3)      Cross promotion on website for participation.

4)      Press Release at conclusion of event with acknowledgement of participation.

5)      Dog Connection will commit to delivering the dog food to the winner.